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These are little scripts to parse DMARC reports.

The first,, is a python script that take an incoming DMARC summary report email, extracts and unpacks the gzip or ZIP file, parses the XML, and puts the parts about received mail into a MySQL database. The database is set up to handle reports about multiple domains from multiple reporters. It's handling reports from Google, Yahoo, xs4all and Netease.

It takes filenames on the command line, each of which contains a mail message, or reads the message from stdin if there are no names.

It works great on FreeBSD, can probably be made to work on linux with modest effort, no clue about other systems.

The second is a python script to parse failure reports. It expects file names on the command line, or if no arguments, it reads stdin. It needs the usual MySQLdb module. It handles reports from Netease, which are currently the only ones I'm getting.

UPDATE: Thanks to John Bieling for some updates to rddmarc to log the policy_published and policy_evaluated fields